Our Vision | The What (we are striving to do)

To make rideshare safe, secure and a pleasant experience, economically. 

Our Motivation | The Why (we are focused on this)

We are addressing very real and compelling problems in the entire rideshare value-chain.


It has been reported that over a quarter of women rideshare passengers in the US have felt unsafe.  In several countries, customers have reported reluctance to use rideshare because of safety concerns, especially at night time.


Personal safety & protection against false complaints.  There have been thousands of incidents wherein Rideshare drivers have been assaulted and false complaints made against them.  This greatly impacts their safety and earnings – in many cases, their livelihood.   

Rideshare Companies

Any safety incidents impacts the Rideshare company in a multitude of ways, both in immediate costs (of investigation and liabilities) and strategically (impact to brand, business etc.). 

Insurance Carriers

Ultimately, insurance carriers have to endure the cost of incidents including potentially false complaints.

Our Execution | The How (we are trying to accomplish this)

We are a team of individuals with several decades of experience conceiving, developing, and deploying state-of-art technology solutions globally.

Our solution, called the Rideshare Monitoring Platform (RMP), is the first purpose-built platform for the rideshare industry and is focused on three objectives, with respect to safety:

Deter:  Strive to prevent any undesirable incidents from happening

Mitigate:  In case of an undesirable incident, create an opportunity to intervene and de-escalate

Document:  The entire ride is recorded using video (& optionally, audio) & securely stored for future reference.

The solution also, uniquely, offers an opportunity to monetize –dramatically furthering its value, to our customers.  Further information about the RMP is available here.

The RMP is delivered to the market directly or through partnerships.