Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do the videos record sound?

Yes, The videos record sound.

2. How to increase the volume of the audio in requested   emergency video or incident detail

We are providing the video with the audio that we received. At that moment we don’t have the option to increase or decrease the volume. Soon will come up with the option.

3. How long would the dashcam take to reboot if the battery is completely drained off? 

The dashcam might take up to a minute or two if the battery is drained off completely otherwise the reboot will take a few seconds. 

4. When do you receive the SMS if your current location is out of LTE? 

As soon as the dashcam is connected to the LTE, you will receive the SMS shortly. Also, the dashcam should have some charge to upload videos to the cloud.  

5. If a car is parked, but power is on, will it continue to record?

Yes, as long as the dashcam is getting the power it will continue to record.

6. Does the dash cam start recording automatically or do you have to give it a voice command?

When the dashcam is connected to the power the recording will start automatically.

7. What if my car is broken into when the car isn’t on? Would the camera catch what’s going on?

If the dashcam is not connected to the power it will not record.

8. Does it record behind your vehicle as well?

No, it records only whichever side the camera is focused on.

9. Is there a way to stop the announcements “finished recording” and ” start recording”?

No, Currently we can’t stop the voice alert.

10. Does Displayride provide customer support?

Yes, Displayride specialists are available to help 24/7 via text and email.