Finally, a solution looking out for Rideshare Drivers!

DisplayRide now provides a simple-to-use & highly sophisticated dash-cam using Artificial Intelligence to make rideshare safe and secure. Drivers can now get a peace of mind and focus on delivering the best rideshare experience & increase their earnings, while reducing their cost & liability

Key/Relevant Features


Protect yourself & get Peace of Mind

  • You do not have to worry about being removed from the rideshare platform for false reasons.
  • DisplayRide can provide video documentation directly to the Rideshare company in support of your case and ensure speedy & fair resolution.
  • Immediate access to attorneys specializing in Rideshare, if required.

Deliver a Safe & Pleasant Experience for your Passengers

  • Reminding that the ride is being constantly monitored deters bad behavior & promotes a pleasant and safe experience for everyone
  • Will likely help attract more customers, especially during night-time and get good ratings.

A Win-Win for Drivers, Passengers & Rideshare Company

  • Since it helps promote better driving, better experience, increased business and reduces the cost of otherwise long drawn investigations, this benefits the rideshare and insurance company as well.
  • Can potentially reduce driver cost by lowering insurance premium, and increasing earnings.