Support Services
for Drivers

DisplayRide is committed to protecting the interests of its driver-customers, whether it is in case of false allegations during a ride, or to get neutral and clear evidence of an incident/accident during a ride.

Currently, we offer the following support services for our driver-customers: 
  • Deactivation Support System
    Provides video summaries for last 3 days (if available) to the email registered with your account. This will assist you to identify a specific ride and its timing to request a detailed audio/video record.  You can optionally send this to Legal Rideshare for free initial consultation. 
  • Incident Detail Report
    You can get 10 minutes of detailed video and (if available/enabled) audio starting at a specific time sent to your registered email.  We limit this to 1 report per month due to excessive data costs with generation this video & audio. You can optionally send this to Legal Rideshare for free initial consultation. 
  • Telematics Reports (Available only if subscribed to Telematics)
    We offer three reports to telematics subscribers:
      1. Monthly Driving Report: Sent automatically to your registered email. Includes mileage, Safety Scores, Eco Scores & their components. 
      2. Accident Report: Automatically generated and sent to registered email when an accident is detected. Includes location information, speed, braking etc plus audio/video 3 minutes prior/after accident was detected.  Can be optionally sent to Legal Rideshare for free initial consultation. 
      3.  Emergency Video Request:  Automatically generated and sent to your phone & registered email, this report provides the video/audio that was created when the Emergency Video Request button is pressed on the touch screen.  A SMS message is also sent to the Emergency contact with a note to check on the driver along with the driver phone, location and a link to live stream, if so desired. 
    NOTE:Historical telematics, accident and last Emergency video request reports can be requested; they will be sent to the registered email. 
  • Customer Support in Real-Time (Future feature)

To access any of the services noted above, you have the option to:  1) Click the button below or 2) Email us at or 3) Call us at 408.290.1936