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The DisplayRide Rideshare Monitoring Platform (RMP), addresses concerns around safety in the ridesharing industry. It Leverages Al/Machine Learning to deter potentially undesirable events, de-escalate and mitigate them when they do occur, It also securely & neutrally, video/audio documents the entire ride, for any post-incident investigation (including fraud detection)

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Key Features

RMP-SafeDisplay I Deterrentfeatures

SafeDisplay I Deterrent

Displays Logo, Driver Pic, Trip ID, QR Code at pick-up Complies with Regulation

RMP-MaskValldation I Deterrentfeatures

MaskValidation I Deterrent

Validates mask worn by driver & passenger. Alerts if absent

RMP-AudloRemlnder I Deterrentfeatures

AudloReminder I Deterrent

Periodically announces that the ride is being recorded

RMP-AutoRecording I Documentfeatures

AutoRecording I Document

Video & (optionally) audio records entire ride Records during Night/Day, Inside of vehicle.

RMP-WlrelessUpload I Documentfeatures

WirelessUpload I Document

Uploading video/audio in real-time to secure Cloud.
Multiple Options for Upload: Summary. Detailed & On-demand (to optimize use of wireless)

RMP-lnterruptionDetection & Mgmt I Mitigatefeatures

lnterruptionDetection & Mgmt I Mitigate

Identifies potentially undesirable situation
& generates alerts. List of events identified continually being augmented

RMP-PassengerView I Mitigatefeatures

PassengerView I Mitigate

Enables real-time viewing of inside of a vehicle during a ride

RMP-AdDlsplay I Document • Monetizefeatures

AdDisplay I Document • Monetize

Allows Display to be used to show brand Logos etc. Can be monetized. Can Leverage commercial Ad Server

RMP-FleetView I Monitor, History, Analyticsfeatures

FleetView I Monitor, History, Analytics

Can securely get fleet-wide status in real time, in addition to insights and accessing historical ride information (video/audio) The web-portal or an API can be used to get this information. Complies with privacy rules

Key Benefits

Deliver a safer & pleasant experience

  • Gives peace of mind to both Passengers & Driver
  • Reduces likelihood of any undesirable behavior/incidents
  • Eliminate false complaints

Dramatically reduce cost structure

  • Cost of providing safety significantly reduced
  • Potentially reduce insurance premium/costs

Generate new revenue opportunities

  • More business
  • Premium service
  • Monetize advertising