Terms and Conditions

1. The Rideshare Monitoring Platform will be used for legitimate purposes only, as dictated by law. DisplayRide will not be responsible for any misuse of the platform. By purchasing the platform, you agree that you will not employ the platform for any use that is considered illegal.
2. You agree that you will abide by local regulations when using this product.
3. You agree to keep the product for at least 24 months from time of order.
4. You agree that your credit card on file will be charged the noted monthly recurring charge unless cancelled. The charges will be made on 5th of every month
5. Any changes or cancellation will have to be made by contacting DisplayRide.
6. Cancellation is only for non-performance of the product and should be returned to DisplayRide. The payment is non refundable.
7. You agree that this platform is used for personal use only, and may be used with rideshare or similar commercial purposes.
8. Only 1 letter from attorney in response to an incident or deactivation will be made available. Any additional services or requests will be dealt on an individual basis and may incur a cost.