Frequently Asked Questions

1. Setting up

2. Standard operation

3. Device functionality

4. Payments

5. Troubleshooting

6. Miscellaneous

1. Setting up

1.1. What’s in the box?
  • Model-T Dash-Cam (includes software, attached mount and built-in wireless)
  • Mount accessories (sticker, clips, reset pin)
  • Power Cable connected to the dash cam (cigarette lighter outlet)
  • Quick Start Guide

1.2. How do I install the device?

We recommend placing the device on the windshield, ideally in the center and 1 inch below the rear-view mirror. Please, refer to your state laws for more information on dash cam installation.

1. Plug the device into a cigarette lighter outlet. The device should be powered on in about 30 seconds and you will see the front and rear camera recording on the screen

2. Place the camera under the rear view mirror, approximately 1 inch below. Use the screen to align the way that the cameras give an unobstructed view of the inside and outside

3. Once you ensured camera is capturing the inside and outside clearly, remove the adhesive on the bottom of the mount and stick to windshield

4. Now your camera is placed. Please use the clips to ensure that the power cable is run along the windshield and not dangling

5. Make sure that the screen is facing inward (towards the cabin), and it’s not overly tilted upwards or downwards. Tighten the mount screw 

It’s crucial that the device is installed in a location that provides an unobstructed view of the road as well as inside the vehicle to ensure that you capture any incidents that may occur while driving. Also, it’s recommended to keep the dash cam covering approximately 60% road and 40% sky for optimal performance.

1.3. How do I turn on the device?

After you installed the device, plug it directly into the cigarette lighter outlet (12V) and wait until the screen turns on. We recommend not to use any 12V socket splitters in order for the device to function properly. The device is ready to use.

1.4. How do I turn the device off?

Once the device stops having power supply, it will finish recording in 2 minutes. It will stay in dormant mode for another 2-3 minutes, then it turns off.

1.5. How long should the dash cam take to start up?

The recording starts in approximately 30 seconds after the device gets power supply.

1.6. How do I access my account?

You can access your self help portal page by using a secure access link which you can get by pressing “HELP” button on the screen of your device. You can bookmark this link for future use.

1.7. Do I need to connect the dash cam to my phone?

No. We do, however,  contact you via SMS using phone number you’ve registered with.

2. Standard operation

2.1. How does it work?

Here is a simple presentation that shows how the solution works:

Please note: summary videos are only created for trips that lasted over 30 minutes. If the summary video was created, it will be sent via email automatically in the end of the day. Essentially, summary videos are compressed and muted versions of real recordings which meant for informational purposes only. They don’t reflect the actual quality of recorded videos! You always have an option to request a high quality video through your self help portal page.

2.2. How can I access self help portal?

 You can visit your self help portal page by using your secure access link which you can get by pressing “HELP” button on the screen of your device. The received link can be used again in the future.

2.3. How to request full length video with audio?

We offer two convenient methods to request a full-length video with audio. Before making the request, ensure that your device is turned on.

1) Using your device:

  • Press the “Get Rec. Now” button on your dash cam device.
  • An SMS will be sent to your designated emergency contact, containing a link to live streaming.
  • After approximately 5 minutes, you will receive an SMS with the requested video. This video is 10 minutes long.

2) Through the self-help portal:

  • Press the “HELP” button on your dash cam device. This action will send a message to your phone with the access link to the self-help portal.
  • Access the portal using the link provided and select “Need to get specific Audio/Video”
  • Choose the desired view, either cabin or road, and provide the exact timestamp when the desired recording starts (e.g., if you select 1:30 PM, the video generated will cover the time from 1:30 PM to 1:40 PM). Submit the request.
  • After 5-10 minutes, you should receive an SMS with the requested video.

Please use these features responsibly and avoid abusing them, as they consume significant resources.

2.4. Can I see the video that’s being recorded right now?

Yes, it is visible on the screen.

Also, pressing the “GET REC. NOW” button on your device will send a message with the live streaming link to your designated emergency contact. They will receive the link within 1 minute, after that they can share it with you. We kindly remind you not to share this link with anyone else, as it ensures your security and privacy.

2.5. Do videos have sound?

Yes, our dash cam records videos with sound, but there’s an option to turn it OFF or ON depending on your preference. To change audio settings, go to your self help portal page and navigate to “Need to update Settings”. From there you can enable or disable “Audio for Cabin View”.

Please note that the availability of sound in videos may also depend on the laws in your state. In single-party consent states, you have the option to record audio without the consent of all parties involved, while in two-party consent states, you may need the consent of all parties to record audio. Please refer to your state laws for more information on audio recording consent requirements.

2.6. Why are video summaries are so patchy and not playing smoothly?

These videos are compressed and muted versions of real recordings, meant for informational purposes only. They don’t reflect the actual quality of the recorded videos! You always have an option to request a high quality video through your self help portal page. 

2.7. Why does my camera have to be on to get full length videos?

We have most of the videos on the cloud; however we typically need to look at video/audio footage on the device sometimes to ensure the entire video & audio is seamless.

3. Device functionality

3.1. What happens when the “GET REC. NOW” button is pressed?

Once you press the emergency button, your emergency contact will get an sms with a link to live streaming. Approximately, in 5 minutes you will get an sms containing the requested video, which is around 10 minutes long.

3.2. What happens when I press “HELP” button?

This will send you a message with the access link to your self help portal page.

3.3. Is there maximum length of a recording?

Yes, there is a set 6 hour limit per trip (video). After 6 hours the device finishes the current trip and starts a new one.

3.4. How can I turn off audio announcements?

In order to turn off audio alerts, you need to go to your self help portal page and navigate to settings. From there you can change Audio Alert Interval or turn them off completely.

4. Payments

4.1. How do I cancel my subscription? Is there any early termination fee?

In order to cancel the subscription, you have to contact us. In case you decide to cancel before the end of the 12 month contract, you’ll have to pay a one time $50 early cancellation fee.

4.2. How do I update my payment method?

You can update your payment method through your self help portal page or by contacting us.

4.3. Will I still be charged even if I don’t use my dash cam?

Yes, as long as you have the dash cam in your possession, you will be charged a monthly fee, regardless if you’re using it or not. It happens because we also encounter monthly cellular network charges. For simple analogy, it’s the same as your phone, you’re paying every month for it, regardless of the usage.

5. Troubleshooting

5.1. My dash cam doesn’t power on, what do I do?

1) Keep the device plugged into the cigarette lighter for ~1-2 mins.

2) Move the black flap on the left side of the device. You should notice a small hole, below the two ports. Insert the pin provided or a safety pin into this hole.

3) The device should restart immediately.

If this didn’t help and the device still doesn’t power on, please reach out to Customer Support team.

5.2. I have requested a video but never received it

Make sure you device is turned on and has 4G(LTE) connection. Make the video request through your self help portal. You should receive a message with the requested video within 5-10 minutes. If you followed these steps and still didn’t receive the requested video within 20 minutes, please contact our Customer Support team.

6. Miscellaneous

6.1. When do I receive the requested video if my current location is out of LTE? 

As soon as the dash cam gets the mobile network signal, it will start uploading the requested video. The better the connection, faster the video gets uploaded.

6.2. Does the dash cam start recording automatically?

Once the device is connected to the power supply, the recording will start automatically.

6.3. What if my car is broken into when the car isn’t on? Would the camera catch what’s going on?

If the dash cam does not get power, it will not record.

6.4. Is there a way to stop audio announcements “start recording” and “finished recording”?

Unfortunately, we can’t stop the voice alert at this moment.

6.5. Does DisplayRide provide customer support?

Yes, DisplayRide specialists are available to help 9am – 5pm (PT) via text and email.