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Finally, a solution looking
out for
Rideshare Drivers!

No dependency on Driver phone or any apps to download!!!

Automatically documents Video/Audio
of every ride

NOTE: Video/Audio is NOT shared with anyone without
Driver’s permission

Instant On-Demand proof

Deters bad behavior/incidents

Protects against false complaints
& Deactivations

Telematics (Optional)

Incident Reporting System (Optional)


View real time recording (In/out)
Power Level

4.65” x 2.01” x 1”
Dual Cams, Night Recording
145 degree Field of View
SIM Card
Lighter Powered

Be Safe, Increase earnings
& Protect against false
deactivations !!

** Protect yourself & get peace of mind

** Deliver a safe & pleasant experience for your Passengers

** A win-win for Drivers, Passengers & Rideshare Company

Standard Features:

Automatic Video/Audio Recording. In/Out, Night/Day.

Real-time Update & Storage

Summary Video of all rides

Periodic Audio Alerts

Live Streaming In/Out

Deactivation Support System

Incident Reporting System

Telematics Features (Optional):

On Demand Report

Driving Telematics | Monthly Report

Automatic Accident Report

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